Over the years, I’ve played with countless trios, quartets, orchestras, choirs and chamber groups in many well known venues, such as Alice Tully Hall, Carnegie Hall, NJPAC, and the Paper Mill Playhouse.  I’ve also played in settings as modest as your local park, library, college, school auditorium or house of worship. Though I perform in a wide variety of groups, my favorite ensemble is the chamber group; I’ve been a member of several for many years. Here are some highlights:

Rosetta – This is a sister ensemble of The Early Music Players, and shares some personnel; but musically it offers a delightful change of pace.  Rosetta has been playing traditional songs and dances from Ireland, England and Scotland since the early 1980s. Today, we regularly perform for First Night celebrations, folk festivals, formal concerts, and private events throughout the tri-state area.  

The Dolce Trio – In this group I play with flutist Kris Lamb and violinist

Dr. Lynn Seibert. We pack a lot of versatility into a small ensemble, performing classical music, ragtime, fiddle tunes, Irish dances, Klezmer, light opera, and popular songs from the early 20th century. Every year The Dolce Trio performs for concerts, weddings, parties, receptions, business functions and other special occasions. In July 2009 we performed on Liberty Island, as part of the gala event for the grand re-opening of the Statue of Liberty’s crown.

To ask about booking me for a performance with your ensemble or for any of these groups, please send me an email.

Cisraritanian Consort of Viols

The Eclectic Consort –  The name says it all.  The Eclectic Consort embraces the Renaissance, folk, and contemporary worlds, also shares personnel with the Early Music Players and Rosetta. We cover the range from Early Music to Folk, Classical to Modern, including familiar tunes and obscure melodies. Our repertoire and arrangements are quite distinctive and we’ve played in wide variety of settings.  

Cisraritanian Consort of Viols -  New Jersey’s historical string ensemble, this is a more recent addition to my roster of performing ensembles.  The name Cisraritanian means: “the land this side of the Raritan River”.  The violas da gamba, or just gambas or viols for short, are bowed string instruments that are cousins to the violin family.  The gamba family of instruments first appeared in Europe at the end of the 15th century - the more commonly used sizes are the treble, tenor, and bass viols.  Comprised of members Roland Hutchinson, Sheryl Reed, Douglas Hardin, and myself, the Cisraritanian Consort offers a wonderful blend of the sweet sound of violas da gamba.  We perform a fascinating combination of music from the Renaissance through the 21st century!

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I’ve been performing professionally since I was in high school.

The Early Music Players – This vocal and instrumental ensemble has been performing for over 35 years; I’ve been a full-time member since 2005. We perform a range of works from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods. My fondness for these older forms of music goes back to my college days. That’s when I first picked up the viola da gamba, a six-stringed, bowed Renaissance instrument. This ensemble gives me wonderful opportunities to play early music on a regular basis. Depending on the program, I play cello, viola da gamba, and sometimes the rebec or vielle.  For more information about this group, please see the Early Music Players Web site.

Early Music Players performance, October 2009

The Dolce Trio